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Armação de Pêra

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"The student is from Venezuela and needs CADIVI approval to obtain funds for the course. To get this approval from the Venezuelan government he needs a stamped and signed letter of acceptance that includes a detailed class schedule and also a breakdown of the price of the course. The letter must be translated to Spanish if possible. Can you prepare this letter for our student? Normally we offer the Language International insurance for our students. But for student from Venezuela who have to apply to CADIVI, is not possible to pay it through our website. Do you offer your own health insurance to add it in the invoice of the student? How much would it cost for her stay?"

Alex Bone
We are familiar with the CADIVI process and we have a template document (in Spanish) to use in these cases. HEALTH INSURANCE - we do not offer health insurance and advise students to take this out in their home countries pror to arriving ACCOMMODATION - we do not offer homestay accommodation for course duration of more than 6 weeks. There are many many hostels availabile in Porto with the options of shared rooms. We can send recommendations.
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